I spent over a decade in the music industry as a musician & songwriter recording and touring with artists such as Ziggy Marley & the Dave Matthews Band. While on a trip to Antarctica I met my future husband and followed him around the world, ending up in southern Germany. Because, well, love!

Since we travel far & wide for Michael's work, I know I've been given an opportunity to transmit (as well as I can) stories about the planet's beautiful humanity through the eyes of a mom/musician. I also write about life in Germany, because no one's lived until they've tried the Geschwindigkeitbegrenzung on the Autobahn. 

For more about us as a family unit, see below. Nice to meet you! Samantha Runkel


Michael has photographed almost all 193 countries in the world. His images have appeared in the New York Times, National Geo Traveler, Conde Nast, Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Penguin Books & more.

He has one of the most extensive photo libraries of UNESCO World Heritage Sites to date, making him one of the few people in human history to have traversed almost all the provinces on the planet. He is currently writing a book with Frederking & Thaler, a German publishing arm of National Geographic. Look out for it in early 2018. Michael Runkel Photography

Sia traveled to 6 continents and almost 25 countries by her first birthday. Her favorite experiences (I think) were eating rice for the first time in Hokkaido, practicing her stair-climbs on Balinese temples & meeting the Himba tribe in Namibia. Passion Passport: "Sia the World: Traveling with a Baby"

Previously a recording artist in the US, Samantha has worked with Grammy-award winning producer/songwriters, toured internationally & performed on stages at Austin City Limits, Bonnaroo, Sundance and Super Bowl XIV. In the travel space, she has been been featured in the GuardianMatador NetworkHayo Magazine & more. She's a supporter of Musician Without Borders bringing music to children in conflict areas & Every Mother Counts helping women access safe maternity care worldwide. www.samanthamusic.com